Custom Art in Paris

These tailor-made original artworks by Stephanie Caldy has just been hanged in its parisian appartment of boulevard Saint Germain in Paris.
To create this bespoke artwork for an English private collector, Stephanie immersed herself into the majestic nature of the Hampstead Heath, London.

Photos bellow : Inspiration boards are essential in the preparation process. Stephanie Caldy’s triptych hanged on site in Paris. This large sale art work measures more than 400 cm long for 140 height.

In collaboration with interior designer Emma Wibault.

Luxury hand knotted rug in Nepal

The Scarab Interior Design (Colorado, USA) chose Stephanie Caldy’s original work “Ginkgo Eternity” to produce a limited edition of wool and silk rugs, in partnership with Knots Rugs, a London-based house of high-end ethical hand knotted rugs.

The Ginkgo Eternity rug project took six months of weaving and dyeing.
It was necessary to create more than 70 natural colors in Tibetan wools and Chinese silks, to produce these exceptional 150 knot/inch hand-knotted rugs, in the ancient weaving tradition of the Kathmandu Valley.

Objects of Art combining tradition and modernity, the Ginkgo Eternity© rugs are currently on display at Knots Rugs showroom on King’s road in London, as well as at The Scarab interior design showroom in Vail, Colorado, USA.

The rugs are available in limited edition as well as in bespoke sizes on KnotsRugs website.

Bespoke rug in Paris

One of Stephanie Caldy « Inner Territories » watercolor has been chosen by a private collector to be adapted in a custom tufted rug. A work in progress with The Invisible Collection  and  Editions 1.6.9 in Paris.
Choice of colors are key in the process and are object of consistant collaboration between the designers and the artist.