For more than 25 years, based on her own perceptive experiences of nature, Stéphanie Caldy has built her artistic approach on the wisdom of the living world.

Her work questions our relationship with nature and our ability to find our place within the living world.

In the forest and in her studio in the mountains, the artist becomes one with her environment. The gesture of painting becomes a performative act that involves the artist’s entire body. On her canvases, nature alternately becomes a metaphorical figure of the human psyche or frequency calligraphy.

Stephanie explores the resonance of natural pigments, crushed minerals, inks and watercolors, on linen canvases placed on the ground. Brushes, bird feathers and blown pigments are invited into his pictorial dance.
During the performances of the INTRATERRE and MATTER corpus, the artist offers a relationship with the earth as an entity. For her, it is an invitation to “enter the “skin” of the Earth, to question the place of our civilization within the living world.
Each leaf of the “GINGKO ETERNITY” corpus contains the wisdom whispered to him during his encounters in the natural environment and reveals a part of the immense variety of expression of the living.

Each of her works, by seeking to recreate empathy towards the non-human, touch our own humanity and reveal the dimension of beauty, wisdom and power inherent in the living.



Born in 1969 in Nantes, Stéphanie Caldy has lived in Paris, the United States and Switzerland. She has been living and working in the Alpes region since 2008. Stephanie Caldy was trained at the Fine Arts School in Tours, after having been trained in letter design and calligraphy. Her transdisciplinary artistic practice evolved with her studies at the Ecole Boulle in space design as well as her certification as an expert in traditional Feng Shui. She shows her work in France (Centre d’Art Contemporain du Grand Colombier, Blick Photographie, Galerie d’en Haut Méribel, Salon de la Saint Martin Genève, Hélène Caldy Galerie, Paris and Nice), in the United States (Galerie The Scarab, Vail Colorado). Her work is part of private collections in France, England and the United States.

Stephanie regularly collaborates with interior designers for commissioned works. One of her Artwork was recently selected by international designers for a project of alliance between contemporary art and artistic craftsmanship in Nepal.

Recently installed in her new studio in the heart of nature, she continues her research and explorations around interactions with the living. She also leads collaborative projects and artistic residencies.

Art Shows

Chamonix Terre Fragile

2024 – Chamonix


2020 – Centre d’Art Contemporain du Grand Colombier

Les Talentueuses

2017- Showroom L. Bougo, Nantes


2020 – Centre d’Art Contemporain du Grand Colombier

Art shows

  • 2023 “Chamonix Terre fragile”, Exposition personnelle, Chalet Poya, Chamonix
  • 2023 « The Ginkgo Eternity Rug Project » Exposition personnelle The Scarab Gallery, Vail, Colorado, USA
  • 2022 “Has’Art’Dez-Vous” Exposition personnelle Librairie des Danaïdes, Aix les Bains (73)
  • Juillet- Août 2020 “IntraTerre Restitution 1-07-2020”
    Centre d’Art Contemporain du Grand Colombier, Arvière en Valromey.
  • Etés 2017, 2018, 2019 « Acteurs de Paix »
    Exposition collective. Galerie Aguas Calientes, Champagne en Valromey
  • 2018-2019 « Artistes de Alpes »
    Exposition collective, Art Gallery d’en Haut, Méribel


  • Décembre 2017, 2018 Salon de la Saint Martin,
    Exposition collective, Versonnex, Grand Genève
  • 2016 – 2017 Galerie Hélène Caldy
    10 2017 Exposition « Les Talentueuses », Showroom L. Bougo, Nantes
    02 2017 Exposition « Derrière la Façade », Nice
    10 2016 « Révélations en sous-sol », exposition off Fiac, Paris
  • 2010 “Art en Campagne” exposition land Art, Grand Genève
    Installation éphémère dans le cadre du parcours Land Art Franco-Suisse
  • 2009 Galerie Racine, Brétigny, Grand Genève
    Exposition d’oeuvres récentes en soutien aux réfugiés avec la CIMADE