In this ongoing body of work, nature becomes a metaphorical figure of the human psyche.

With « Matter », Stephanie Caldy aims to « dive into the skin of the Earth, the biofilm which covers the globe and carries all the activity of life for 4 billion years ».

In these telluric paintings on linen canvas, the contrasty though soft palette is at service of the gesture of painting, which becomes a performative act involving the artist’s entire body.
The artist becomes here a vector of expression of the nature that surrounds her.


Matter 1
Arylic on linen canvas, Dyptich

180 x 120 cm

Matter 3
Arylic on linen canvas

180 x 120 cm

Matter 4
Arylic on linen canvas

150 x 100 cm

Matter 2
Arylic on linen canvas

120 x 100 cm